Success Aerobics: A Prosperous Mindset Creates a Successful Massage Business (4 hrs.)

This highly interactive workshop (both lecture and experience) is vital if you want to have a practice in these difficult times.  As a healer, a massage therapist must overcome the limiting thoughts that keep an abundance of money from being attracted to your alternative healing business.  The Breakthrough Aerobics inner workout builds a powerful Prosperity Consciousness that naturally attracts clients and success.

How Marketing can help your Massage Business Thrive (4 hours)

This hands-on lecture/interactive workshop is vital if you want to continue to have a practice in these difficult times.  It teaches positioning, a marketing term that differentiates you from competitors; shows you how to develop more than two dozen different niche markets for stimulating your massage business, enabling you to proactively customize a clientele that is more to your liking, rather than merely reacting to whatever kind of client comes your way.

Moreover, it will help you develop a marketing program that incorporates a website, a brochure, a newsletter, a networking program, and a powerful Facebook presence.

How to Communicate Effectively to Build your Massage Business (4 hours)

This highly interactive workshop teaches an LMT communications techniques to empower her massage business, transform negative patterns in relationships, and acknowledge clients and co-workers that result in warmer relationships.  She’ll learn how to speak to clients to inspire them to get massaged more frequently.  LMTs will also learn how to master “Tele-connecting,” the art of using the phone to inspire ex-clients back to her practice, and transform irregular clients into regular ones.

She’ll also learn how to listen consciously so that people feel really heard and in closer rapport with her. And finally, she’ll learn how to broach sensitive and uncomfortable topics with clients such as raising fees and cancellation policies.

Build a $100,000 a Year Massage Business in Just 1 Hour a Day (6 hours)

This workshop teaches you how to use the one-hour time segment—that you devote to clients, to devote to your business.  You’ll cultivate success consciousness and enthusiasm in your thoughts, speech, and action, thereby attracting clients to you.  With that inner foundation, you’ll be shown how to share your work in the world through a variety of proven pricing, marketing and networking programs to gain new clients, and increase referrals from clients and health care professionals.  Lastly, you’ll learn how to attract passive income.

How to get New Clients (4 hrs.)

Massage therapists often worry where in the world they’re going to find new clients.  This workshop raises a more radical question: Since virtually every adult that an LMT sees everyday wants the pain relief and the well-being that therapists offer where can’t an LMT get a new client?

This class explores a variety of ways to bring in new clients, from a compelling advertising program and niche marketing to professional networking, the fun “Bring in a New Client Today” game, and an enlightened referral program that inspires existing clients to bring therapists many new clients, as well.

How to Succeed as an LMT in an Economic Slowdown (4 hours)

Many massage therapists find it difficult enough to succeed in prosperous economic environments.  Slowdowns, recessions, and depressions challenge even the savviest LMT.  This workshop arms a body worker with tools and strategies to make it–and even succeed–while other therapists are closing their doors.

What consumers want during economic downturns is as much value for their money as possible.  This seminar shows an LMT how to think and act like a lighthouse, a calm source of rejuvenation and inspiration for the worried minds and stressed bodies all around her.  It also offers the collective wisdom and marketing techniques that businesses have gained over the years during previous challenged economic climates.  These dual stratagems can enable an LMT to stand out from the crowd and thrive.

How to Create a Successful Massage Client Referral Program (4 hrs.)

Most LMTs have nobody in place dedicated to bringing in new clients to their massage therapy businesses.  So the task falls to the therapist when she’s not doing massages, filling out paperwork, doing laundry, or returning phone calls.  That doesn’t leave much time for the all-important function of expanding the business.

This seminar will draw from successful new business programs employed in many other industries and customize them to fit the work of an LMT.  It takes the enlightened win/win scenario one step further into a win/win/win approach that more deeply inspires existing clients to bring you new


How to Get more Health Care Professional Referrals (4 hrs.)

Most LMTs have nobody at all dedicated to bringing in new clients to their massage therapy businesses.  So the task falls to the therapist when she’s not doing massages, paperwork, laundry, or returning phone calls.  That doesn’t leave much time for the all-important function of expanding the business.

This seminar recognizes the vital role that health care professionals such as medical doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists, among others, can play in supplying an ongoing stream of referrals to an LMT.  It further shows how to professionally approach these practitioners to inspire them to refer their patients to you.

How to Overcome Procrastination NOW for Massage Success (3 hours)

Procrastination causes massage therapists to lose large amounts of money; miss business opportunities; and causes anxiety, insomnia, to say nothing of untold pain and suffering in relationships, and diminished self-esteem. In this valuable class, CE provider Cary Bayer, AMTA national convention keynote speaker and author of How to Overcome Procrastination NOW, offers procrastinators essential tools to immediately overcome the habit of delay through the use of interactive one-on-one processes that help isolate the causes of such behavior.

Methods include a behavior modification process based on an enticing weekly reward that offers win/win scenarios for therapist procrastinators and the clients, co-workers, and family and friends whose lives they touch. Most of all, the fun reward game, taught in this class, dramatically transforms how therapists feel about the activities that they put off doing-morphing what was previously stress and anxiety into pure pleasure, prosperity, and peace.

Participants’ learning outcomes include mastering mental, emotional, and behavioral techniques that cure one habit of delay at a time, in a way that’s directly measurable every 7 days by objective standards. They’ll also learn the daily 15-minute Procrastination Aerobics to help prevent the onset of future procrastination.

Advertising made Easy (3 hours)

In this class, the LMT learns how not to advertise; she also learns where to advertise.  In addition, she’ll learn the difference between retail advertising and image advertising.  What’s more, the LMT learns the fundamentals of the art of positioning and the Unique Selling Proposition (USP), terms widely known by professional marketers.

The class will also teach the LMT how some businesses have gained great success by positioning themselves brilliantly in the marketplace.  She’ll also learn how to create a marketing positioning concept, and will get feedback on the positioning statement she created from the instructor, who owned his own marketing company for 18 years.  The workshop concludes with the LMT executing her positioning statement with advertising body copy and a sketched-out visual.

Public Relations made Easy (3 hours)

In this class, LMTs discover that communicating can be as important as massaging.  They’ll learn how to write a variety of public relations materials, including press releases (and for what kinds of news), letters proposing articles and columns, and columns themselves.  They’ll also learn the “Rules of PR” and come to understand hownot to irritate the media.

Passive Income: How to Prosper the Easy Way (4 hrs.)

Massage therapists are usually only paid on the hours-for-dollars model, in which they trade an hour of their time for approximately $70 per hour.  Because of the limited number of hours they can work, this limits their potential income significantly.  Passive income, on the other hand, enables LMTs to receive money even when they’re notdoing anything.  This is an enormous breakthrough possibility for their revenues.  This class explores how to receive income passively for massages that others perform, for products they’re already recommending, and for the rental of real estate space, among other ways.

How the Computer and the Internet can be your Friends: Using Technology to make your life Easier and your Business more Successful (4 hrs.)

This workshop holds the hand of technophobe LMTs, for whom the very thought of the Worldwide Web brings such anxiety that they need a massage.  The breakthrough discovery they’ll get from this class is that the computer and the Internet can be their friends. As such, they’ll learn how to use these technological allies to make their lives much easier, and grow their businesses much faster.  The workshop presents the benefits of developing a database, a newsletter, and a website; the latter can also eliminate phone tag with clients and easily handle the scheduling of massage appointments.

The Write Stuff: Everything you Need to Know about Everything you Need to Write (3 hours)

Massage therapists are trained in the healing art of touch, but are not trained in the art of the “writing” touch needed to help promote their massage businesses.  This interactive workshop, which will teach how to effectively write a variety of public relations, promotional and advertising materials, will correct that oversight.

Course participants will learn how to write bios, press releases, newsletters, story ideas, articles, ads and ongoing columns for local personal growth-oriented magazines and community weekly newspapers.   The instructor, who ran his own public relations and marketing company for 18 years, will expose students to effective examples of each of these written forms of communications.

LMT, Heal Thyself: Rejuvenating & Empowering the Care Giver (4 hours)

The physician has long been told to heal thyself. Why should it be any different for a massage therapist? She serves as an instrument for the healing of her clients, but who helps her in her healing? Those who care for others need to receive care from others, as well. In this workshop, Breakthrough Coaching for Massage Therapists author Cary Bayer, who’s coached more than 280 massage therapists, will help her learn how to do that on a daily basis. Participants will learn how to rejuvenate their innate enthusiasm, a vital skill for those who can be drained so often after putting in a day of healing. They’ll also learn how to allow prosperity to flow into their own lives. Each participant will also be shown how to more deeply awaken her intuition; how to rewire the Unconscious by transforming the negative training that she learned in childhood; and how to solidify boundaries so that she can support her clients without taking on their problems.

About the Massage Marketing Coach Cary Bayer



Cary Bayer was the keynote speaker at the 2006 American Massage Therapy Association convention. A Life Coach in Florida and New York, he’s worked with Oscar-winner Alan Arkin, David Steinberg, Quality Inns, and more than 280 massage therapists throughout the U.S., and ran his own marketing/PR firm for 18 years.

He founded The Breakthrough Aerobics Inner Workout, and authored three dozen publications on personal growth, including 1 full-length book, 9 mini-books and two DVDs specifically for massage therapists, one of which was translated into Japanese.
His 15 CE classes, including “Build a $100,000 Annual Massage Business,” have been extremely popular with LMTs at annual conventions and chapter meetings. Each class is certified by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork and the Florida Department of Health’s Board of Massage Therapy, as well.

A faculty member of Massage Business University, Cary writes regular columns for a variety of massage publications, including Massage Today nationally, and for AMTA publications in 14 states.  He also writes a syndicated column called “Life 101,” that runs in wellness magazines throughout the country.

He’s led seminars on Success, Prosperity, Massage Marketing, Sales, Breakthroughs, Meditation, Relationships, and Communication. His Breakthrough Coaching develops quantum shifts in his clients’ finances, careers, and relationships. Cary lives in south Florida and in legendary Woodstock, N.Y.