“After working with Cary for a few months, I have tripled my income as a massage therapist. A part-time pursuit is now a full-time, viable business. I work less hours for more money and feel healthier and happier.”–Lesley Waters, Licensed Massage Therapist, Saratoga Springs, NY

“I took Cary’s 3-hour course, ‘The Breakthrough Aerobics: Prosperity Consciousness,’ and it was wonderful, and multi-faceted. He shared information on how people perceive money, quoted statistics and studies, did a meditation, and gave skills in which a person could use to bring more money into their life. His presentation style is delightful. Cary is serious, playful, a good listener, and willing to give of himself to assist others in bringing about new awareness. He is a wonderful teacher, who knows how to convey material in an enjoyable, clear and concise manner. I would recommend his courses to anyone who is interested in changing her life.”–Laurel J. Freeman, Creator & Instructor, Reconnecting Neuromuscular Responses (RNR), Gainesville, FL

Heather“March 2009 was my busiest month ever, and we’re in a deep recession. Having the right marketing plan helps me target these people and keeps them coming back. My work with Cary has helped me to become more focused on what I need to do to keep my business going and keep current and new clients coming in. “—Heather Kading, Hands On Massage & Wellness, Poughkeepsie, NY

Holly Green“I left a chiropractor’s office where I made only $25 for a massage and $50 for my own patients. With Cary’s coaching support, I left the chiropractor to start my own business, renting space out of a yoga studio. That way, I made $80 per massage and $150 per acupuncture treatment. As a result, my income rose 60-220 percent over what I was making before, while working half the amount of time. What’s more, I was also able to truly launch my acupuncture business when I was on my own in a way that I couldn’t at the chiropractor’s. Cary was very helpful in enabling me to make each of these changes.”–Holly Green, acupuncturist/LMT, Boca Raton, FL

“Cary Bayer is an excellent business coach. August had always been the slow time in south Florida for my business. Working with Cary, my August was twice as good as any April or May I ever had. Most of us therapists come out of school with knowledge and skills for our trade and then give away half the earnings or more to a ‘boss’ because we have no business establishment to call our own. Cary’s techniques can and will help the craftsman become an entrepreneur. It’s the quickest and soundest path to build a continued income flow. I strongly recommend his coaching and life-changing information.”–Todd Puntolillo, LMT, Pompano Beach, FL

Franko“Cary Bayer is a truly awesome business coach! I was broke and despondent, a good massage therapist but not very business savvy. He provided me with expert, relevant advice, which quickly turned things around, and launched my now successful massage therapy business. Cary’s strategies and suggestions gave me the confidence to be successful and allowed me to ‘break through’ into a world of success, joy, and peace of mind.”–Franko Triscritti, massage therapist, Tampa, FL

“There has been a bit of conversation about you on the chat group of the AMTA chapter presidents. I am happy to report that you have a pristine reputation across the country. Everyone who ever had dealings with you recommends you as a presenter to the other chapters.”–Dale Grust, President, AMTA-New York Chapter, New Paltz, NY

“Cary Bayer is a very impressive and lively speaker. His presentations on success and marketing for the massage therapist were among the most popular classes offered at the FSMTA 2002 Massage Therapy Convention. The attendee evaluations rated him as one of the best presenters that our Association has provided for educational purposes. His classes were standing room only. The many requests to bring him back for our next Convention were not only from the people attended his classes but also from those that heard about his teaching skills. Cary would be A Plus for any convention or conference. He provides the attendees with valuable information that they can immediately use in their practice.”
–Bob Smallwood, Former Executive Director, Florida State Massage Therapy Association, Winter Park, FL

“I’ve applied the principles that Cary presented in his seminar and they work. My business and my entire life have improved. My phone keeps ringing for appointments, I’m booked a full month out, and my income has doubled since his seminar. I now have a waiting list of people I call if someone cancels to fill the appointment. These things never happened before. His teaching works because he understands massage therapists’ business and what prevents the average therapist from believing that she too can be a success. Since working with his principles, I can’t believe the changes that have happened. A nail technician is selling gift certificates for me. She just called out of the blue and refers people to me without me even asking her to. I find myself inspired everyday to look for new ways to reach out to people. I never thought of myself as someone who would need an assistant, but I’m looking to hire someone to answer phones and take appointments. It’s been amazing. I’m even going to raise my prices at the beginning of the year, something I wouldn’t have had the courage to do before. I’m so grateful that I went to his seminar and met him.” –Tracy Flannelly, Licensed Massage Therapist, Edenton, NC