Articles by Cary Bayer, The Massage Marketing Coach

Welcome to the marketing massage therapy articles section of my website. The pieces here, culled from columns I’ve written as the business marketing coach for massage therapists for many years for more than 15 different AMTA state newsletters, are designed to help build your business through tips on marketing, communications, advertising, promotion, and the empowerment of the way you think, speak and act as an LMT.

They reflect what I’ve learned over the years as the business coach for massage therapists:

  • Privately coaching more than 300 massage therapists
  • Delivering the keynote address at the AMTA national convention in Atlanta
  • Writing 3 full-length books and 9 ebooks and producing 2 DVDs specifically for massage therapists, one of which is translated into Japanese
  • Presenting many different continuing education classes at dozens of statewide conventions and local chapter-wide meeting for thousands of massage therapists
  • Presenting to the elected officers of several statewide massage chapters

Please notice, as you read these articles, that they contain not so much information as tools for transformation. So take the time to apply the exercises for inner empowerment, as well as the strategies for success in the marketplace.

If you have any question about anything you come across in these articles you can reach me by email at You can also reach me by telephone from mid-October through most of May in my south Florida office (954-788-3380) and from June through mid-October in my Woodstock, New York office at (845-679-5526).

Enjoy the reading, and enjoy building your business. If you’d like to build it even further than these tips will help you do, don’t hesitate to contact me by email or phone to discuss the quantum leaps forward that are available through the private work I do as the business coach for massage therapists.

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