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At a time when there are more massage therapists than ever before–when more than 50,000 newly-trained body workers emerge from schools yearly–merely staying in business has become a formidable challenge. Compounding marketplace competition is a vexing hidden problem: sabotage, in the form of unconscious limiting beliefs that keep you struggling and consistently earning less than you’re capable of. Moreover, the absence of a sound marketing plan or any sales strategy ties your arms behind your back. What’s a massage therapist to do?

Integrated Success:
Inner Growth & Outer Marketing

AMTA national convention keynote speaker and MT marketing coach Cary Bayer, known by many as The Wizard of “Ahas,” shows you how to succeed through an integrated inner and outer Breakthrough Coaching program. First, it transforms limiting beliefs about money and success, then enables you to learn to earn, by adopting the art of holistic marketing and innocently sharing from your heart the massage work that you love.

The inner, daily workout he presents in coaching sessions builds a powerful success consciousness that naturally attracts more new clients to you. Your massage schools and CE training have taught you how to excel once people are on your table. Coaching trains you how to master getting people to that table.

You’ll also learn how to position your massage business, a marketing term that differentiates you from competitors. Coaching further shows you how to incorporate successful promotional programs from other industries that present attractive win/win pricing strategies.

You’ll also develop niche markets for stimulating your massage business. In Breakthrough Coaching sessions you’ll learn the art of “Tele-Connecting” that inspires sporadic clients to become regular ones. The sessions will develop a “sales force” that encourages clients to actively refer new clients to you, while simultaneously gaining referrals regularly from health care professionals. Getting coached won’t eliminate your competition, but it will inspire you to think so confidently, and market so professionally, that you’ll feel as if you were the only LMT in town.

From Struggle to Success

Breakthrough Coaching transforms negative childhood training about money and success that’s creating effects that show up in daily life as not enough clients and too much financial struggle. In coaching sessions, you’ll discover the profound connection between learning how to receive appreciation, and learning how to receive money. In the process, you’ll be shown how to overcome the unconscious “Money Rejection Complex” that holds you back from having a more abundant massage business.

You’ll come to see the power of the positive mindset, and how it naturally transforms the destructive, negative self-talk that blocks the achievement of goals in your business, and happiness in your personal life. Most importantly, you’ll learn, in personal coaching, a method that you can practice for a few minutes each day that eliminates negative thinking for good.

You’ll be shown specific techniques to learn how to focus on success, and thus magnetize more of it to you. Coaching sessions will also present a precise process to awaken your innate enthusiasm on a daily basis. Awakening enthusiasm is vital for success in your business, turning you into a perpetual money magnet, attracting people to want to work with you. It also is fundamental for creating greater happiness in your private life.

Like the Chinese proverb, coaching gives you the fish needed to solve current problems, then shows you how to fish by undoing family patterns. This prevents problems in the future.

The Secret to Awakening Passive Income

Perhaps the greatest benefit that can come from Breakthrough Coaching is the development of passive income. This enables you to be paid for products and services without having to so much as lift a finger to do massage. In coaching sessions, you’ll be shown the inner and outer secrets to creating ongoing passive income for your massage business.

Personal Enrichment, Too

Breakthrough Coaching enriches not only your bank account, but the quality of all your relationships, your communication with others, and your overall personal life, as well. It helps you overcome procrastination, enhances your self-esteem, and deepens your sense of purpose and connectedness. Most of all, it creates a healthy, powerful balance between your personal and professional lives.


Kevin Holmes, Co-Owner, Muscle Eze Massage & Rehab, Bradenton, FL
“Coaching with Cary Bayer is the best money we’ve ever spent. He is a gold mine.”

Lesley Waters, MT, Saratoga Springs, NY
“After working with Cary a few months, I’ve tripled my income as a therapist. A part-time pursuit is now a full-time business. I work less hours, make more money and am healthier and happier.”

Tracy Flannelly, MT, Edenton, NC
“Cary’s coaching works. My business and my entire life have improved. My phone keeps ringing for appointments, I’m booked a full month out, and my income has doubled since working with him. I now have a waiting list of people I call if someone cancels to fill the appointment. These things never happened before. His coaching works because he understands massage therapists’ businesses and what prevents the average therapist from believing that she too can be a success.

“I can’t believe the changes that have happened with coaching. A nail technician is selling gift certificates for me. She just called out of the blue and refers people to me without my even asking.

“I find myself inspired every day looking for new ways to reach out to people. I never thought of myself as someone who’d need an assistant, but I’m looking to hire someone to answer phones and take appointments. It’s amazing. I’m even raising my prices, something I wouldn’t have had the courage to do before. I’m so grateful that I met him.”

Todd Puntolillo, MT, Pompano Beach, FL
“I began 10-weeks of coaching with Cary to stimulate my massage business after 8 years of stagnancy. I just couldn’t grow it. I coached with him during my worst season, August/September.

“Now, my summer business is twice as good as my best April/May! I can’t wait to see the breakthroughs in my next series of sessions.”

“If the subconscious is not one hundred percent in sync with the conscious mind, success is not going to happen.”-Eddie Murphy


Cary Bayer, a Life Coach in Florida and New York, was keynote speaker at the AMTA national convention. He’s worked with Oscar-winners Alan Arkin (Little Miss Sunshine) and Pietro Scalia (JFK, Black Hawk Down), Emmy-winner Judy Henderson (Homeland), comedian/director David Steinberg, and Quality Inns, and ran his own marketing/ PR firm for 18 years, writes columns on coaching for Massage Today nationally; and for massage publications in 15 states. He’s coached 300 massage therapists, and is a faculty member of Massage Business University.

His 14 CE classes on marketing, communications, advertising, and success have been presented at annual conventions and chapter meetings, and are certified by the NCBTMB and the Florida Department of Health’s Board of Massage Therapy. His “Build a $100,000 Annual Massage Business” is very popular among MTs.

How to reach Cary Bayer:

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Florida Office (Coaching on the ocean)
1051 Hillsboro Mile, Apt. 604
Hillsboro Beach, FL 33062
PH: (954) 788-3380; FX: (954) 786-1317

New York Office (Coaching in the woods)
39 Whitney Drive
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PH: (845) 679-5526; FX (845) 679-6189

The Intro Program is 10 sessions, the Mini-Program is 5 sessions; a sampling is 1. Mastercard, Visa, and American Express accepted.


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